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Why do Festival organisers keep getting it wrong ?

<div>Why do Festival organisers keep getting it wrong ?</div>
Being hailed as “Fyre Festival 2.0”, another festival fell victim to its lack of preparation late last month. Excessive queues, poor sound system and sub-par quality food plagued Australia’s Wine Machine festival throughout the day, and to top it off, an electric thunderstorm plunged the event into chaos.


Fans criticise evacuation on NSW Wine Machine Event

<div>Fans criticise evacuation on NSW Wine Machine Event</div>
Attendees of Wine Machine, an 11,000-capacity live music and wine festival in New South Wales (NSW), have criticised festival organisers following the event’s cancellation and evacuation due to severe lightning storms.

Organisers evacuated the festival site after an electrical storm hit Australia’s Hunter Valley, where the event was held. The cancellation occurred before festival headliner Hot Dub Time Machine had performed.

Festivalgoers have since criticised the way in which organisers handled the severe weather conditions, citing aggression from security staff and a disregard for safety. Fans objected to being “shoved out on to roads” and prevented from finding shelter on site.
“The safety of all patrons, artists and staff is of absolute priority,” wrote the Wine Machine organisers in a statement.

Festival Vision:2025 reveals full programme for The Showman’s Show.

<div>Festival Vision:2025 reveals full programme for The Showman’s Show.</div>
The annual Vision:2025 conference will take place at The Showman’s Show on October 17, hoping to increase the momentum of festival industry communities working together to create more sustainable events.

The conference, hosted by industry think-tank Powerful Thinking, welcomes the 70+ festival organisers signed up to the Vision:2025 pledge to cut the environmental impacts of their events, together with key figures from the festival industry who will share their experiences and offer expertise and advice to Vision:2025 members alongside green-minded event suppliers and organisations that can provide networks of support around sustainability.
Paul Reed, CEO of the Association of Independent Festivals, kicks off with a keynote focusing on how collaboration can catalyse widespread behavioural change. Steve Heap, General Secretary of the Association of Festival Organisers, will host a panel of guests from Greenbelt, Fire in the Mountain, Shambala Festival and Broadwick Live – who will share their experiences of successful environmental initiatives at events this year.